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RunKeeper + ActivityLog

Known Issues

  1. The Runkeeper servers don't seem to like it when ActivityLog makes too many requests (i.e Refreshes) in a small amount of time, it tends to lock up ActivityLog's access to a user's account. Either contact them directly to free it up or shoot me an email and I'll contact them myself.
    Symptoms: With all the activity types checked in the settings page, you still get no Latest Workouts and 0.00 for all the Distance Totals. For some mysterious reason, your profile name somehow still manages to show up though.
  2. It usually takes me about twenty to thirty minutes to update all the necessary components and make sure everything is running smoothly when I'm getting ready to deliver an update. In advance, apologies are given but I'm working solo and on my home server so . . .
    Symptoms: Wierd stuff with server errors and hell freezing over. I promise it will at least be quick, if not painless.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me at gideonogega 'at' with any questions/suggestions or bug lists.