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ActivityLog - A Runkeeper Windows Sidebar Gadget
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    ActivityLog is a Windows Vista/7 sidebar widget that displays Runkeeper activity statistics (latest workouts + total distances). The gadget is fully customizable, with the ability to set the refresh interval, the activities displayed in the latest workouts session, the activities that contribute to the totals summary as well as a few other options. By default, the gadget auto refreshes every 30 mins and all activities are displayed and used to calculate the distance totals.

Change Log:

Feb 24, 2013: v3.0.0.4
  • Google Maps Bug Fix
Jan 14, 2013: v3.0.0.2
  • More GUI Tweaks
  • Stability Enhancements
  • Themes!
Jan 10, 2013: v3.0.0.1
  • GUI Tweaks
  • Stability Enhancements
  • Removed Auto update
Dec 24, 2012: v2.2.3.6
  • Static Maps (Images) to dynamic, scrollable, zoomable Google maps
Mar 28, 2012: v2.2.3.5
  • Auto Updates
Mar 27, 2012: v2.2.3.4
  • Maps!
  • Week start is changeable
  • More Stats
Mar 19, 2012: v2.1.3.3
  • Stability Enhancements
  • Workout Summaries
  • Can now add new activities
  • GUI Enhancements

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